Full Visibility Announces Green Policy

Full Visibility LLC, a Virginia based technology services firm, has developed a corporate policy to support environmentally friendly green practices. These policies were developed in conjunction with several well known green programs including GreenSeal.org and the Institute for Green Business Certification. Full Visibility has implemented a policy that they believe will help to raise awareness for local action for their corporate employees and trusted partners.

Among the steps to be taken are the following:
  • Commitment to providing information electronically whenever possible
  • Use double sided printing and copying for materials that require hard copies
  • Purchase of post consumer recycled content paper
  • Purchase of recycled office supplies whenever possible
  • Recycling of printer ink cartridges and computer hardware
  • Recycling of paper by providing efficiently accessible recycling options
  • Promoting the use of water and energy efficiently


Full Visibility is committed to iterative improvements to its green practices and the consideration of new ways to be environmentally conscious. For any questions on the existing policy or to send suggestions on additional steps Full Visibility can take, please contactgreenpolicy@fullvisibility.com.