Full Visibility Consultant Recognized By Google

Full Visibility LLC, a technology services company based in Vienna, Virginia, has announced that Pindar Van Arman, a Full Visibility consultant, was recognized by Google in a worldwide contest celebrating DevArt, a new type of art made with code by developers that push the possibilities of creativity and technology.

Mr. Van Arman created CrowdPainter, an interactive installation that experiments with artificial creativity and crowd-sourced art. CroudPainter is a painting robot in the Washington D.C. area that takes commands from both AI and participants on the web through an intuitive touchscreen interface. The robot then uses these commands to apply acrylic paint with a brush to a stretched canvas in real time. Anyone with a browser or touchscreen can collaborate in the painting by applying their own strokes. When no participants are applying strokes, the robot's AI examines the canvas and continues from there.

In this manner a crowd-sourced painting emerges from the collaboration between the artists, crowd sourcing, and the robots artificial creativity. All participants are considered artistic contributors and are given a digital copy of the painting. Furthermore, the installation will have printers where contributors can get time-stamped numbered prints of the work in progress.

CrowdPainter can be viewed at www.crowdpainter.com and the Google DevArt contest can be reviewed at devart.withgoogle.com.

Founded in October of 2006, Full Visibility is an information technology (IT) solutions provider specializing in the provision of IT consulting, project management, systems analysis, programming, data and data management services, program management and staffing solutions. Full Visibility is also a Certified Microsoft Partner and offers several areas of technical expertise including infrastructure, networking, office automation, business intelligence, and other leading edge disciplines. For further information, including partnership or career opportunities, please contact partnerships@fullvisibility.com.