A Full Visibility engagement includes a team that will execute the best solution possible in order to effectively meet the client’s needs.
— Robert Andreev, President, Full Visibility

Full Visibility difference

  • Our team members, having worked extensively together are "Ready on Day 1" with skills that complement one another.
  • Full Visibility only hires people with significant experience, which means client engagements are not on-the-job training.
  • Our small size means we focus on what matters most without unnecessary project overhead that leads to additional costs and delays.
  • Each Full Visibility employee has expertise in a focus area, but we take pride in providing team members who understand both the technical and business issues our clients face.
  • Each engagement has its own set of circumstances. Full Visibility does not forcefully retrofit your issue into a standard methodology. Our objective is to work with you to achieve a customized approach that will ensure the best possible solution.
  • We focus on solving the immediate problem while concurrently integrating the solution into the bigger picture.