Big Data Analysis & DEEP LEARNING


We understand that distilling valuable information from big data is useless without data science. As such, we specialize in combining emerging strategies in machine learning to develop models capable of performing increasingly complex tasks against a variety of data sources and types. From clustering to predictive analysis, these artificial neural networks optimize data inputs to deliver real-time, actionable, business insights.

User Experience & Visualization

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A well-designed, functional user interface is critical to good data analytics. As a leading provider of dynamic, interactive, electronic surveillance visualization platforms, we apply the latest design techniques to create a unique and intuitive user experience.

System Integration & Interoperability

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Legacy systems, despite providing powerful performance, are frequently hard to accommodate, adapt, and maintain. We specialize in the integration of customizable applications that work with these existing systems. This offers an optimal and more economical alternative to rebuilding robust software solutions from the ground up.

Virtualization & Migration

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Maintaining system performance and security are paramount when migrating data from monolithic systems. Our extensive experience supporting mission-critical migrations, cloud computing, and hardware/software virtualization yields a more stable and reliable infrastructure. The result is increased cost savings, enhanced scalability, and reduced workload.

Business Management & Instructional Design

Knowledge transfer is essential when turning business requirements into IT solutions. We leverage skilled business analysis, including tailored Agile and PMBOK principles, and combine with other industry best practices and accredited performance management standards to deliver a variety of custom solutions. We also apply quality instructional design when developing the required training materials needed to support these efforts.