System integration

  • Expertise building middleware frameworks utilizing SOA architectures supporting communications between different platforms across disparate networks.
  • Proficiency with different data formats including XML and JSON for data interchange and serialization.

Full Visibility has successfully functioned as a systems integrator at the Department of Homeland Security. In order to give users a real time and secure status on potential immigration violations at the point of entry, DHS required real time access to multiple, disparate systems in order to flag potential security issues. This needed to be accomplished with a high degree of speed otherwise the system would serve as a major bottleneck during routine immigration. In addition, the integrator needed to be available 24x7 and procedures were put in place to ensure any issues with any of the systems within the integration were escalated quickly and appropriately.

Custom application development

  • Core competency in developing software based solutions for desktop and web applications using the Microsoft .NET framework and SQL Server tools.
  • Expertise in emerging technologies within Web 2.0.

Full Visibility helped architect, design and develop a system that loads large amounts of data and provides a user interface application for users to organize, search for, and view the data based on different product types and criteria. After compressed data is received, it is decompressed, extracted, parsed and loaded into databases based on unique identifiers and data types. Post processing may be done on the data after it is loaded, to provide greater analysis of the data. Sample data may include audio, video, and image conversions, geo-location lookups and mappings, and file indexing for full text searches. The data is stored in central and secure locations that may only be accessed by proper authentication and authorization through the user interface application. This application allows for easy browsing, searching and viewing of products, including the ability to save personalized searches. It includes data based viewers for various product types that allows the user to view the data correctly using a variety of formats including XML, text, image, video, audio, and GIS data. The system was build using C#.NET, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation, and uses SQL Server databases.

Mobile application development

  • Experience in developing mobile applications for a variety of platforms including Windows 7 Mobile OS, Android OS, and iPhone iOS.

Full Visibility has developed a suite of mobile applications that deliver real world solutions using virtual world capabilities. Leveraging expertise in the Microsoft technology platform, Full Visibility has launched a series of mobile applications on the Microsoft Marketplace that deliver parental oversight solutions for the digital age. The solutions written for the Microsoft platform are currently being reverse-engineered and enhanced for the Google Android platform and will be available to the general public later in 2012.

Project management

  • Utilization of Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) standards in all aspects of project and program management, supporting the vision of our clients by engaging only project managers that are Project Management Professional (PMP) certified.

Full Visibility has provided technical project and program management for data-related and interagency health care transformation efforts serving United States Veterans. Full Visibility assists business clients in securing funding for projects, developing granular business requirements and detailed work breakdown structures as part of PMBOK principles and practices, later collaborating with information technology groups to ensure high quality and on time development. Full Visibility also owned the master budget list and served as the liaison between IT and the business community, communicating risks to schedule and impending budget impacts. In addition, Full Visibility coordinated the review and concurrence of reports, memos and letters to outside offices and developed status briefings for executive level utilization. Full Visibility only utilized PMP certified project managers in support of this effort.


  • Implementation of hardware and software virtualization, offering streamlined cost savings while enhancing scalability and reducing workload.

    Full Visibility has vast experience working in the virtualization space, from setting up virtual machine environments to implementing cloud storage systems. Full Visibility has used virtual machine and imaging technology to create work environments that are both easy to set up and are scalable. Operating systems with all needed software, applications, users and shares are imaged and recreated on a virtual machine to setup environments on existing hardware. Mostly used for development and testing/staging environments, VMs allow new systems to be created quickly, reconfigured quickly, and moved quickly, thus allowing great flexibility.

    Full Visibility has designed and implemented a cloud storage system for a large data store application for a client that loads vast amounts of incoming data. Both the disk space for storing the physical data files and the databases that store metadata and file locations are created on servers that are obscured through external interfaces that support a cloud infrastructure. When new data comes in, a location for disk space and the database is requested by the loader and provided by the cloud interface. Neither the users or the loader needs to worry about allocating space, as this is handled by the cloud. The data, which is collected from all over the country, is stored in one of several data centers around the country, which make up the cloud environment. The data is backed up regularly and mirrored in separate centers to guard against loss of data and work interruptions.

Health Care IT

  • Subject-matter-expertise in the development of clinical content requirements enabling interagency health information exchange.

Full Visibility has provided consultative services enabling the development of clinical content requirements leading to achieve interagency health information exchange. Full Visibility has utilized significant subject matter expertise, allowing for critical managerial oversight and direction. For their efforts, received an award from the Department of Veterans Affairs Undersecretary for Health for “Outstanding interagency program management in support of the Veterans Affairs/Department of Defense (DoD) Nursing Transfer Summary”, presented at Walter Reed Army Hospital. Full Visibility continues to deliver subject matter expertise and management oversight of the clinical requirements definition process in the continued support of a fully integrated electronic health record.